The Potomac Pest Control Group is a division of The Potomac Company, a global mergers & acquisitions, strategy consulting and valuation advisory firm. The Potomac Pest Control Group advises pest control companies across North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and the Middle East.

The Potomac Company advises shareholders and management of pest control firms on goal-driven, value-creating strategies to build value for an ultimate liquidity event, whether immediately or at some point in the future. We offer exit planning solutions for pest control operators who are interested in selling their businesses in the next one to twenty years, enabling them to capitalize on strategies that will allow them to capture the greatest value possible upon an eventual sale.

For growing middle-market pest control companies, The Potomac Company is a premier outsourced corporate development and merger & acquisitions department. For larger clients, we are the industry leader in pest control entry and growth strategy, corporate development, valuation and buy-side mergers advisory. Our buy-side M&A and strategy consulting clients generate over $7 billion per year in revenue.

The Pest Control Group is a part of Potomac’s Global and Industrial Services group, headed by Managing Director Paul Giannamore, with offices in Philadelphia; Cairo, Egypt; and Geneva, Switzerland. Mr. Giannamore specializes in mergers & acquisitions execution and corporate strategy, and is a valuation expert. He speaks Spanish, Italian, Arabic and broken French.