Bonus Buzz — Jamie Clement and Guest Co-Host Andrew Barrows Debate TruGreen’s Entry into the Pest Control Industry

Industry colleague Andrew Barrows, head of M&A at Environmental Pest Service, joins The Buzz this week as guest co-host to interview equity research analyst Jamie Clement.

When Andrew listened to Episode 6, he contacted Paul and Patrick and said that he wished he had been in the room with them to talk shop with Jamie. This week, his wish was granted. He was brought on The Buzz for a lively discussion with Paul, Patrick and Jamie.

Patrick and Paul decided to make the first half of the interview a standalone episode because it dealt with one topic, TruGreen’s recent announcement that it had entered the pest control industry. The second half of the interview, covering a variety of topics, will be released soon.

Andrew Barrows and Jamie Clement tag team their TruGreen take on the first Bonus Buzz

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