Ep 174 - Focus on Joy: Brian Lunsford's Leadership Journey

Brian Lunsford, owner and CEO of Bring the Joy Ventures—the parent company of LunsPro Inspections, Kingfish Pest Control, JoyLights, Fix-it Flamingo, and Jacksonville Real Producers—rejoins The Boardroom Buzz to recount his journey as a business leader. After a successful pest control business sale in Atlanta, Brian and his wife, Kristin, are building synergistic businesses in Jacksonville with less personal risk. How could a liquidity event give you the capital and confidence to build again on your family’s terms?  

Mentorship and personal connections are key in any leadership position. Brian proactively sought out experienced individuals to learn from. At Bring the Joy Ventures, it's about collaboration and the abundance mentality over micro-managing and secrecy. How can you start building a network of mentors and peers to support your growth?

Brian highlights the need for work-life balance, stressing that while work is important, it shouldn't overshadow family and personal growth. To Brian, family comes first. He encourages leaders to ensure their employees prioritize this balance too. How can you promote a healthier work-life balance within your team yet still exceed your business goals?

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