Ep 176 - Commission Culture: The Power of Production Pay

This week in The Boardroom, Paul, Patrick, and Chase explore the benefits of switching from hourly pay to production commission for technicians. It's not just an incentive but a reward for effort and results, fostering a sense of ownership among employees. How could a commission-based pay system boost your company’s productivity and engagement?

Chase shares his innovative hiring practices, suggesting businesses look outside their industry for high-quality, friendly employees. He's even found success in hiring staff from a pet daycare, who brought strong customer service skills to the team. What new talent pools could your business explore for exceptional hires?

The co-hosts highlight the need to maintain consistent commission rates to protect company culture and profitability. Offering additional benefits, such as better equipment and professional development opportunities, can help retain top talent. How can your company effectively balance fair compensation with extra benefits to attract and keep the best employees?

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