Ep 177 - Advising From Experience with Attorney Phil Rinehart

Today in the Boardroom, Nick Bartolo and Patrick Baldwin sat down with Phil Rinehart. Phil is a practicing attorney and principal at The Law Offices of Phillip Rinehart. Phil is uniquely suited to provide legal advice as he also has a 20+ career in pest control and is currently the owner and CEO of EcoGen. As an attorney, Phil specializes in litigation, consulting, management, entity formation, liability protection, and growth. Phil shares essential tips on safeguarding your business through the right contracts. He emphasizes the importance of well-structured employment contracts, including critical clauses like non-solicit, confidentiality, and liquidated damages. Phil also discusses the necessity of having solid operating and service agreements to ensure comprehensive protection for your business. Do your contracts include these crucial provisions?

The team highlights the need to inform customers about their right to rescind a contract within three days to avoid significant financial risks. Failing to provide proper notice of this right can lead to serious consequences for a business. Are your terms and conditions updated with this clause?

Phil recommends setting up separate business entities for different aspects of a business to ensure extra protection and flexibility. Creating individual LLCs for partners and securing proper insurance coverage can mitigate potential risks. How are you protecting your business operations with separate entities and insurance?

Learn more about Phil and his work at www.philrinehart.com.

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