Ep 179 - This Ain't His First Rodeo with Mike Houston

Mike Houston, the seasoned owner of Sureguard Termite and Pest Services, joins Nick Bartolo and Patrick Baldwin in the Boardroom to share his extensive experience in the pest control industry. Mike's humble beginnings in the industry accelerated into a successful business he exited. Mike took a break from pest control but has built again. He prioritizes maintaining strong customer service and building relationships as foundational to his business strategies, including acquisitions. How might you approach acquisitions on the buy side vs. the sell side?

In the interview, Mike Houston detailed his approach to growing his business through multiple strategies. He stressed the importance of not just analyzing acquisitions by looking at the financials but also ensuring a good fit with the existing business model. Mike also highlighted the significance of clear communication and mutual benefits in making acquisitions successful. What strategies does Mike consider essential when evaluating a potential business for acquisition?

Audio mixing and editing by www.verbell.ltd.

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