Ep 33 - Buckle your Seatbelts and Prepare for the Exit

What could be worse : a multi-million dollar wiring snafu or another extortion at the closing? If that question is being posed, then you know it has been another long week in Paul's busiest M&A season. It sounds like these uninvited experiences will remind listeners of previous episode discussions.

Some acquirers are sitting on their announcements, but not Anticimex. AX is proud to announce its entry acquisition into California with PCT Top 100 Pro Pacific Pest Control. Congratulations to the Hoy Boys - Shane, Ben, and Jon! Did they really tell their staff a week before the deal finalized?

Paul has high hopes for freshly-appointed Terminix CEO Brett Ponton, but Paul is quick to recall when TMX fell from grace & left the client at the altar in the Fall of '19.

Looking forward into 2021 and 2022, how will Rentokil deploy its 50-basis point buying power? What new markets will open up for acquisitions? What can pest control businesses do as they look to sell in the next two years? Like a good preacher, Paul reinforces the future in contrast to the past. From preacher to professor, Paul puts on an economics class. Tune-in for a brief lesson from Consolidation 101.

Patrick has more buy-side vs sell-side questions. What happens when the 'green visor' buy-siders attempt to preempt process? In his tried and true Texas vernacular, Paul likens himself to a cattle auctioneer champion. Speaking of green visors, Cory “The Tax Nerd” Vargo steps in to answer listener-submitted questions on employee benefits as well as financing.

From co-host to guest, Paul appeared on Germany-based Talking Pest Management hosted by Daniel Schroeer. Patrick had some takeaways (and as always, some jealousy).

More road-show episodes are in the works. Paul and Patrick plan on crashing some upcoming U Group gatherings. New Orleans. Hawaii. Who knows? Paul's invitation will grant him access. Patrick may have to bribe his way in with some cookies. Also, Paul hints at another Stockholm trip for an EQT announcement, but will Patrick make it across the Pond this time?

Co-Produced, Edited, and Mixed by Dylan Seals of hdaudiopost.com

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