Ep 35 - Twas the Listeners' Show of 2020

'Twas the night before Christmas, a Boardroom or house,
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;

The live traps were set by the chimney with care,
It’s showtime, Paul G, let’s get on the air;

Jamie Clement chimed in with Milo his cat,
The Boardroom opens up for a hot mic chat;

Listeners sent in questions and summoned the bookies;
Will Patrick give mad props to Milk Bottle Cookies?

Knowing when to sell can be tricky,
Will prices inflate or find themselves sticky?

Seismic re-ratings in the public market,
Could trigger owners to roll up the carpet.

The Top 3 players may outgrow the ninety-seven,
Aggressive offers could force concession;

Great questions come out on this inflationary climate,
Let’s light wads of cash like a government pirate,

Milo’s master purrs on about management teams,
While business fundamentals affect valuation extremes;

In-house or outsource your business capabilities?
2020’s Buzz word deserves its nobilities.

The clips proclaim ideas implemented,
It tops off a year that was unprecedented.

"Now, Todd! now, Daniel! now, Shane! now, Andy!
On, Ben! on, Stewart! on, Liz and Jesse!

Will multiples differ between resi- and commercial?
35 episodes so far, and some were controversial.

Future returns will depend on the vaccine,
We all cheer for the pest cash machine.

St. Paul G gives in to a geography question,
Patrick wants to know also via his confession—

As it gets closer to sell, what should be done?
Chuck Norris returns for another pun run.

Better asked, should it be what not to do?
Impairing your value, pre-Buzz, who knew?

Signing off for the year, The Buzz gets sentimental,
Big shout-out to Dylan for all things instrumental;

The Listeners, the guests, and guest co-hosts surround,
We do this for you. May your businesses compound!

We’ll return next year, there’s more to address,
Happy New Year! Happy Festivus! Everyone, God Bless!

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