Ep 36 - 2020 M&A Wrap-Up and Patrick Preps Paul for a Board Meeting

What has Paul learned from The Boardroom Buzz, and how it has changed his perspective? It's only a matter of minutes before Paul reminds Patrick of his Anticimex HQ boardroom conversation. Jarl Dahlfors shared his Quality, Profit, and Growth philosophy in Episode 24. With a quality-first priority, it’s time to hear the realities of chasing shiny objects vs. making internal improvements.

What makes up an effective board? Maybe better asked, who makes up an effective board? Taking a cue from the great Stevie Wonder, Board Member Paul finds himself with ‘No New Year’s Day to celebrate’. Paul confesses to his living laboratory, Company Bravo, and his mad science experiments. In light of Bravo, it’s time for another chat about incentive structures.

When it comes to outsourcing capabilities, does call center overflow pay for itself using a company such as Slingshot?

Patrick finds himself in confession for egregious sins committed years ago. When it comes to sales, which offerings should be considered and likewise avoided? When it comes to leveraging a customer base, does it make sense to acquire a similar business or would a joint venture make for a better return?

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