Ep 39 - Routing and 4-Day Workweek Wizard Pam Blauvelt of Griffin Pest

Set aside what you think about routing for two hours, and step into the Boardroom with Pam Blauvelt of PCT Top 100 Griffin Pest Solutions (now a Rentokil company... finally). What Doug Stevenson is to financial systems, Pam is to operational efficiencies. Find the path to the Holy Grail as you consider same-day scheduling changes.

Tune-in to hear how an acquisition accident left Pam and her business partner, Jeff Spencer, scrambling. Borne out of crisis, Griffin was forced to implement a four-day workweek. A necessity turned into demands echoed from Griffin guys and gals.

Murphy's Law #14 in pest control states that your technician's schedule puts him at a restaurant during the lunchtime rush. Not so with Pam's PestPac Pro Parameters.

Other than a four-day workweek, what other lessons did Pam learn while making acquisitions? What would Pam not outsource during due diligence?

Production versus hourly pay? Ask yourself how many technicians you'd be willing to lose if making the change is the best thing for your business.

If you've ever found yourself saying 'talk to me like an adult' to a technician, then you'll enjoy time spent in this Boardroom.

Co-Produced, Edited, and Mixed by Dylan Seals of hdaudiopost.com

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