Ep 40 - Expect the Opposite: The Sell-Side M&A Discussion Continues

The U Group held its semi-annual meeting in Tampa, and called on Paul Giannamore to present. Call it a press pass or Paul’s paparazzi; Patrick managed to find his way into the meeting. Even the Senator Scott Stevenson made the drive to hang out with Paul, Patrick, and his U Group colleagues. While in Tampa, Paul made time to visit Seth Garber’s Pest Daily studio for some buy-side lessons.

What happens when a potential deal stalls in due diligence? It gets interesting when it’s not one of Paul’s deals and a prominent strategic acquirer calls on Paul for help. Patrick asks Paul to draw the line in the sand between brokers and sell-side advisors. What about Patrick’s conflict of interest hunch between buy-side and sell-side work?

A sell-side client gets the duo discussing what’s better than a best and final offer. Paul also reveals his personal connections with the Dunning-Kruger effect. Standing on the shoulders of giants, even M&A-experienced private equity partners call on advisors.

In life, you learn to expect the unexpected. As a negotiator, you learn to expect the opposite of the expected. Which title does Paul find himself donning? Paul the Picasso Purveyor? Paul the Peacemaker? Paul the Point of Indifference Pusher?

Patrick's phone call with a tenured strategic buyer, turns the tables as Paul asks Patrick what he learned. You'll hear how Patrick finds himself bearing the advocate role for other pest control owners. Trust and credibility are common threads woven into this Boardroom conversation. Would you have the discretion to turn down $1 million in overtime?

Which pop culture reference will Paul drop in The Boardroom this week? Don’t worry. Patrick didn’t catch this one either.

Co-Produced, Edited, and Mixed by Dylan Seals of hdaudiopost.com

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