Ep 50 - The M&A Miniseries - Part 1: Anatomy of a Merger

Why not wait until Episode 50 to start at the beginning? The beginning of M&A (mergers and acquisitions) that is. In the miniseries foretold, legal structure sits as the first building block of M&A.

You'll hear about asset purchases and stock purchases. Don't get drowned out in the verbiage. Hear how the role you play in an M&A deal determines your preferences. For previous reference, Tony Sfreddo (Episode 5) built up quite the government contract portfolio. Does that lead itself to designing a deal one way or the other? Are there variations to asset purchase agreements and stock purchase agreements? Maybe there are more than two ways to skin a cat.

The arrangement bakes-in tax implications. Is there a work around? Allocating purchase price can favor long-term capital gains over ordinary income rates.

Fast forward from the announcement, what will benefits look like with the new owner? Deciding a deal's architecture determines how employees move forward while the ink dries.

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Co-Produced, Edited, and Mixed by Dylan Seals of hdaudiopost.com

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