Ep 57 - Kyle Varona on Exiting the Family Business in Style

From mixologist to MBA to management trainee, Kyle Varona traveled a road less taken into his family's pest control business. Instead of graduating into Fahey! Pest & Lawn Solutions, it was Truly Nolen - the business - that launched Kyle into his post-college career. It was Truly Nolen - the (legend) person - that inspired Kyle along the way.

Customer reviews do a lot more than make a phone ring. Listen for added benefits of 2400+ Google reviews. Kyle also extracts success with a simplified service footprint and offering. Diving into this interview, you’ll hear how Associated Pest finds a common origin with Fahey.

When it was time for David & Terry Pomfret (aka Dad & Mom) to practice retirement, Kyle found himself at the helm. His entrapped experience in New Mexico made taking over a breeze. Fast forward to 2020, and hear how Kyle realized his destiny.

With valuations at an all-time high, Fahey found itself selling to Turner Pest Control instead of selling to the next generation. Register for Potomac's upcoming M&A Supernova event to hear more about valuations and the consolidation boom.

Co-Produced, Edited, and Mixed by Dylan Seals of hdaudiopost.com

Kyle fulfilled his destiny before selling the 3rd generation family business
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