Ep 60 - Terminix CEO Brett Ponton's Industry Media Debut Opens Season 2

Brett Ponton makes his first industry media appearance since taking over at Terminix. The Boardroom Buzz took the show on the road as Brett and Paul joined Patrick in Waco. Why Waco? Check out Episode 59.

Brett has a storied history in the automotive industry. So what is it that steered him to Terminix? His experience with private equity and publicly traded companies fill his resume, but this stop is different. Patrick isn’t afraid to ask the easy questions such as, "How does leading an automotive store chain translate to the route-based service model at Terminix?" and "what signal are you sending by buying back stock?". Also, listen for how Brett responds when posed with a turnaround question.

With less than a year under his belt, Brett is quick to invest in his team’s future success with investments such as Terminix Way and CxP. Opportunities abound, and he has the vision to put the tools in place to maximize his team’s capabilities. He sees today's investments paying off in employee retention and in-turn, customer lifetime value. Incentive structure and defining career paths are part of the discussion on ways to improve team member performance. From technology to staffing to franchisee relationships, Brett isn’t afraid to address where opportunity exists.

Paul’s experience with Terminix’s M&A model and team over the years is not left out of this sit-down. Brett is conscious of the psychology of the deal and brand reputation post-sale.

Brett states the paradigm that exists between strengths and weaknesses. His management philosophy is clear as he discusses an inverted org chart style and responsibility for front-line team members.

Co-Produced, Edited, and Mixed by Dylan Seals of Verbell.Ltd

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