Ep 62 - The Atlanta Sessions, Part 1: Mr. Mister’s Mosquito “Mad Man” Matt Brill

What hatched as a Peugeot and an island dream, turned into the breeding grounds for the largest pure-play mosquito business, Mr. Mister. Evolving their client-technician relationship, Matt Brill and Ryan Claterbaugh, quickly qualified for PCT's Top 100 list. Matt sits down to share their recipe for success in the first Atlanta Session.

As mosquito franchises swarm this industry, Mr. Mister progressed through its life cycle; it too considered the franchise route. What gave them the biggest bang for their buck? Was it "partnering" with Andrew Barrows while at EPS that helped them focus? What did Matt and Ryan decide to do with their "Pest Control for the People" business?

Talk about commitment. Nothing says burning the ships like key swapping a BMW for a Tacoma. It was that same commitment to service that set Mr. Mister apart. Matt shares that they were a service company that chose to offer mosquito control. "Jesus Chicken" closes on Sundays, but not Mr. Mister with its same-day and next-day response.

Adaptation was at the foundation of their management style. Hear how the right decision today may or may not be the right decision tomorrow. There was no time for stagnant thinking as this business emerged into a service industry powerhouse. While the yin-yang duo stayed in their own lanes, at times extra opinions drifted over. How did the two agree to keep commodity pricing at bay?

From referrals to retention to review response, Matt gives practical advice based on their experience. Their 24/7 marketing coverage pays homage to Waffle House's patty melt. The duo wasn't harvesting yard signs, but their marketing efforts didn't go unnoticed. Before deciding on selling to Terminix, hear how Matt had extra fun with the yard signs as the time to sell approached.

The two took a bite out of time theft as they adapted their pay plans. "Always staffing" goes to a whole new level when discussing backup techs for no shows. Itching to grow a mosquito business? Don't forget that Matt and Ryan found success in their countercyclical approach to the offseason.

Co-Produced, Edited, and Mixed by Dylan Seals of Verbell.Ltd

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