Ep 63 - Atlanta Sessions: Arrow Exterminators Emily Thomas Kendrick & Tim Pollard

How did Arrow Exterminators grow into the $300 million family business it is today? Step into The Boardroom as Emily Thomas Kendrick takes us back to Arrow’s humble beginnings. What sounds like an episode of Breaking Bad, was just Emily’s PawPaw cooking up business greatness. Step back to hear Arrow’s family heritage, including Joe “Chief” Thomas taking the reins in the ‘70s and Emily’s rise to Chief Executive Officer.

Hear how he now-Arrow President Tim Pollard found his way onto the Arrow team. The two have a long-standing history as “Sugar Booger” recalls their first meeting. The two strike a great balance, and Emily concedes to Tim’s operational prowess.

“Chief” gets credit for growth by division business model. Hear the irony of trying to stay small as you grow. With 2,736 teammates spread over 144 service centers in 11 states, its family culture on a massive scale that has led to Arrow’s success. It’s clear that hard work and results get rewarded at Arrow. In fact, they morphed their longstanding generic vision into spotlighting rockstars. What can be overlooked in such a large organization; the executive team emphasizes how decision making impacts the entire team. Family culture shines through as Emily and Tim describe former COO and President-to-be late Jeff Singley as a brother, son, and best friend.

The conversation turns to M&A and integration. How does Arrow decide on geographic expansion? Paul asks about integrating new employees into the deliberate family culture. Sitting off-stage, Kevin Burns gets credit for setting the stage for smooth integration weeks before Emily and Tim arrive on the scene. It sounds like deliberate transparency takes center stage describing opportunities for new teammates. It's been rumored that Emily gives out her cell number while onboarding new teammates. Is it true? If so, does she regret it?

How does Emily respond to representing women in pest control? It begs to discuss diversity in a male-dominated industry. Do Arrow’s teammates represent the cities they serve? Speaking of local, Emily and Tim share their new plan to give back to local charities.

Co-Produced, Edited, and Mixed by Dylan Seals of Verbell.Ltd

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