Ep 72 - Mike Agugliaro: From Vocational School to CEO Warrior

If you’re not too busy breaking fire boards or walking on crushed glass, step into The Boardroom with Mike Agugliaro. On his own at age 15, Mike chose the martial arts and vocational school combo. Follow Mike’s path scaling from electrician to entrepreneur to exits. Exits, yes, plural.

There were times when Mike and his business partner, Rob, fought for survival. Hear how together they chose the path to not quit. Mike’s formula of sales, marketing, and leadership should help bring clarity to your business.

With more than an ordinary reputation, Mike grew his staff (that would fight to the death for him) without negotiating compensation. Is the secret in how he aligned himself with his staff’s personal goals?

Everyone has their own opinions on commercial vs residential and single vs many service offerings. Mike will open your mind with his reasons. Speaking of mind… Mike is a learner, a teacher, and an author. Get schooled on his take on ‘mindset’.

The Italian Grandmaster's serve-first philosophy grew Gold Medal to best of class service and also birthed CEO Warrior. Born out of a Buddha moment, CEO Warrior brought CEOs together and gave them the path to conquer fear and change their destiny. Don’t miss Mike’s philosophy of a leader’s #1 job. As the leader of his family, Mike was intentional on his family’s involvement in business and modeled hard work with a front row seat.

Don’t tap-out on this interview. How many more service vehicles are you ordering?

Co-Produced, Edited, and Mixed by Dylan Seals of Verbell.Ltd

Mike Agugliaro has the Midas Touch
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