Ep 10 - Pest Control Add-On Services - PCT Top 100 Mike Rogers

Mike Rogers started Killingsworth Environmental of Charlotte in a double-wide trailer. Who could have imagined that a high school-educated Rogers, would end up turning his street smart salesmanship into a multi-faceted multi-million dollar conglomerate?

Mike took the leap and bought out the owners when Killingsworth was at $5 million in revenue. Within a decade, he grew the business to almost $24 million in revenue, 182 employees, 156 vehicles and 11 service centers – including a 38,000 square foot; ahem, 138,000 square foot - corporate center. In 2018, Maverick Mike sold his #37 on the PCT Top 100 business to Anticimex.

Mike discusses key performance indicators such as his ‘gross profit per man day’, ranking employees & customers, managing chemical costs, vehicle longevity, and much more. Sit back and join Patrick and Paul as they learn from story-master Mike as he opens up about his humble beginnings and venture into wealth.

Welcome Mike Rogers to The Boardroom Buzz
Mike Rogers steps into the Boardroom
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