Ep 16 - Pest Control Capabilities and Socialized Insurance

Brett Ponton is rolling out of rubber retail into the revolving ServiceMaster CEO seat. Does he check guest co-host and EPS M&A Director Andrew Barrows' boxes, or will the Board be calling in their own retreat?

Paul doesn’t always agree with return guest Jamie Clement, but Paul gives his ‘million percent’ ( 💯 ^ 💯 ^ 💯) approval of Jamie’s take on a company going public.

Speaking of going public, COULD Patrick take his company public through an intrastate offering? Also, what’s more likely to happen to a company in the top 10 than going public?

While there are similar views on taking a pest control company public, is discussing innovation going to divide the four-bald-guy-clan?

The Nords have immigrated to the States, but will they bring their socialized pest control with them?

Did somebody mention Copesan? Where will that rabbit trail lead us?

Stay tuned-in for the great debate of acquisitions. What makes them accretive? How can one bad deal ruin the bunch? With 30 of his own executed deals, Andrew isn’t slow to share his opinion on the matter.

Do not grow weary of Paul’s spaced repetition : companies with legit capabilities...

Of course this Jamie Clement episode wouldn’t be complete without a few sports analogies thrown-in.

Fan Favorite Jamie Clement returns to The Boardroom Buzz to talk Socialized Pest Control
Fan favorite Jamie Clement returns to The Boardroom Buzz.
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