Ep 17 - A Discussion on Pest Control Sell-Side M&A - Part 1

Paul and Patrick start the show by celebrating The Buzz’s #1 business podcast ranking in Seychelles.

Episode 14 — Buy-Side: “The Opposite” tipped the scales with listener questions. Patrick thought the he could one-up Paul by blindsiding him with a question or two from the mailroom, but Paul rope-a-doped with an extended sell-side role play scenario.

Sell-Side Sensei and M&A Master Paul Giannamore took Patrick to school. Patrick may have made a fool of himself (again), but he’s recovering after tapping out. There is a lot more at play than just negotiating money and terms. Controlling the process is the key to superior results.

Sitting alongside his fellow Boardroom Buzz listeners (learners), Patrick does his best to keep up in the negotiation role play.

With Monopoly money on the line, you can still hear Patrick sweating through the microphone as the interrogation goes into overtime, while Paul exercises grace and patience with his white-belt student.

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