Episode 19 — Private Equity in Pest Control: Clairvest’s Michael Castellarin and Mohit Kansal Discuss Alternatives to a Change of Control Transaction with a Strategic Acquirer

Private equity has demonstrated increasing interest in the pest control industry. What’s the draw for the Clairvest Canuck combo of Michael Castellarin and Mohit Kansal? How much longer must they eagerly wait before the right opportunity presents itself? Now, if only Patrick can properly pronounce their names…

Paul is familiar with private equity’s ‘second bite of the apple’ cliché, but is it appetizing enough for Patrick and his Texas firm?

How does Clairvest’s investment thesis and strategy line up with previous Buzz guest & Wall Street equity analyst Tim Mulrooney’s?

If angels endorsed Episode 19, you would hear them singing about Michael Porter soft-circling capabilities to bite apples with synergy during M&A season, and how that affects shareholder goals and objectives who may self-select.

As a side note, Patrick already has plans to chat more with the Clairvest combination to fund his Choctaw Land Casino plans.

Guest Contact Info

Michael Castellarin / michaelc@clairvest.com

Mohit Kansal / mohitk@clairvest.com

Michael and Mohit discuss the second bite of the apple
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