Ep 6 - Pest Control Research Analyst Jamie Clement

Jamie Clement has worked on Wall Street for investment banking and research institutions for over two decades, providing actionable insight to hedge funds and institutional investors on pest control and other industries. He is an important part of Paul’s inner circle and one of his go-to guys for insight on pest control and other industries. For many years, the two have debated valuation, value creation and M&A in the pest control industry privately, and today you’ll listen in on one of their discussions.

In this new segment, Patrick Baldwin and Paul Giannamore Step Outside of the Boardroom for a lively discussion on: valuation multiples, private equity firms EQT and GIC, Rentokil emerging from the COVID pandemic, Rollins’s consistency, ServiceMaster’s future and possible takeover, Anticimex’s CEO Jarl Dahlfors’ history as the Blonde Beast -- bringing Brinks’ former management team to its knees when he ran Loomis in the US -- and a whole lot more.

This episode is a behind-the-scenes look at what is going on at the highest levels in the pest control industry.

Welcome Wall Street Equity Research Analyst Jamie Clement to The Buzz
Welcome Wall Street Equity Research Analyst Jamie Clement to The Boardroom Buzz!
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