Paul Giannamore to Present at PCT’s 3rd Annual Pest Control M&A Conference

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5 Mistakes Buyers and Sellers Make That Cost Them Dearly

In an M&A transaction, a Seller can do everything right and make one seemingly minor mistake and end up leaving a significant amount of money on the table. Buyers are often pennywise and pound foolish because they don’t know what they don’t know, and they end up paying for it. In this presentation, M&A authority Paul Giannamore will discuss the most costly – and common – mistakes both sides of the deal often make, with devastating consequences.

An industry veteran, with over a dozen clients on the PCT Top 100, you’ll benefit from Paul’s tens of thousands of hours advising on over $20 billion in M&A transactions for firms ranging from small, family businesses to large international firms.

Other speakers include Michael O’Connell and Christopher Ball of Brocket Tamny, Rand Hollon of Preferred Business Brokers, Dan Gordon of PCO Bookkeepers, and John Corrigan of Corrigan & Baker.

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