Potomac Pest Control Group Launches New Podcast – The Boardroom Buzz

The Potomac Pest Control Group Launches New Podcast, The Boardroom Buzz, Hosted by Patrick Baldwin and Paul Giannamore

An Ongoing, Board-Level Conversation Between a Pest Control Company Owner and His Advisor

May 14, 2020 —The Potomac Pest Control Group, valuation, strategy and mergers & acquisitions (M&A) advisors to the pest control industry, has launched a new podcast, The Boardroom Buzz, (https://theboardroombuzz.com or on iTunes)

As the partner of Texas-based pest control company and a long-term client of Potomac, Patrick Baldwin has boardroom-level conversations with Potomac’s managing director, Paul Giannamore.

Their discussions focus on issues that are important to shareholders, boards and senior management within the pest control industry. The focus of the podcast is current events impacting valuation, the M&A market, as well as behind-the-scenes discussions on building value in a pest control business.

Patrick Baldwin commented: “Our pest control business engaged Potomac almost a decade ago and it was literally one of the best decisions we could have made. Over the years, Paul and I have become close, and I thought that doing a podcast would be a great way to provide my colleagues in the industry with insight into strategy, valuation, M&A that is not available anywhere else. Given that Paul is really the only true valuation and M&A advisor in the industry, I’ve learned a tremendous amount from him over the years.”

The first three episode will be published today, and include:

  1. “Deals, Contingencies, and Gotchas” A discussion about holdbacks, earnouts and escrows in pest control M&A transactions and some hard-learned lessons from past deals.

  2. “Will Big Money Shift because of COVID-19?” As US and global equity markets experience an unprecedented level of volatility, where will the smart money invest… and how much of that will flow into the pest control industry? Further, we discuss the outlook on pest control valuations for the remainder of 2020.

  3. “Valuations, Benchmarking and KPIs?” How to think about business valuation, benchmarking and key performance indicators in the industry. A frank discussion on what a business valuation is, who should get one… and more importantly, who shouldn’t.

Paul Giannamore added, “Patrick has been bugging me for a long time to do a podcast, and I had no interest in doing one. However, after relenting and recording a few episodes, I’ve had a lot of fun. And since my wife has always said I have a face for radio, I might have finally found the right medium. When you listen, you’ll quickly realize that Patrick is the real host of The Boardroom Buzz, and I am excited to see where he is going to take it.”

Fans of the podcast can email theBuzz@potomaccompany.com to provide feedback and ideas for the podcast, or to become a guest on the show.

To listen to the podcast, subscribe using your preferred podcast player.

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