ServiceMaster Acquires Burke Pest Control

The Potomac Company is pleased to announce the acquisition of its client, Burke Pest Control, by ServiceMaster.

Burke Pest Control was founded by John M. Burke in 1982. John is a technical expert and has completed a variety of advanced entomology courses at Purdue University, focusing on Urban and industrial integrated pest management.

Burke Pest Control Headquarters in Binghamton, New York

The Company provides general pest control services and termite services in the greater Binghamton metro area. While the Company does provided residential services, its focus is on the commercial market, where it is the largest commercial and industrial pest control operator in the Binghamton metro market — servicing accounts such as Cornell University.

Commenting on the transaction, John Burke said:

Early thoughts of selling my company first led me to business brokers and advisors with large glossy advertisements found in trade journals. Initially, I contacted a broker and did not get a warm and fuzzy feeling that he really knew anything that I didn’t already know.

After running my business for thirty six years you tend to get a sixth sense about things. My thoughts were that the broker that I contacted would not take care of my interest only to the extent of getting their commission upon the sale.

Although we are a relatively small company, I decided to seek advice from some of the larger firms that sold in recent years up and down the east coast. Two individuals that I trust had been in a similar position in the past. Both of them said that they interviewed advisors and quickly determined that there is no one in the industry that can get more for a business than Paul Giannamore at Potomac. If you look at all of the major platform and tuck-in acquisitions up and down the east coast, the majority of them have been done by Potomac and Potomac is constantly hitting the next record for the highest price deal. After having just gone through this process, I unequivocally agree with that statement. In fact, the final purchase price was over 60% higher than I even thought possible, what more can I say?

From the first call with Paul I knew that I was working with a person with ethics and integrity. Paul really cares about his clients personally and working with Potomac was a masterfully choreographed event from start to finish, no detail left unattended to. I always thought that I was a damn good negotiator, but man, Paul truly is a master of his craft and working with him was a learning experience every day.

Paul and his staff were with me every step of the way to get it done. Without a doubt, I think Paul’s knowledge, abilities and professionalism are second to none.

Anyone looking to sell their pest control business and perhaps whatever business you are in, I would suggest you call Potomac first and stop there as you have arrived at the honest and ethical oasis anyone should be proud to work with. When you engage Potomac, you’re going to get a blockbuster deal and I am living proof.

Paul continues to remain engaged in the post closing events and without a doubt he has found one more friend for life.

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