Terminix Acquires Mr. Mister Mosquito Control

The Potomac Company is pleased to announce the acquisition of its client Mr. Mister Mosquito Control by Terminix. Servicing 33 cities in North Georgia with an 85% customer retention rate, Mr. Mister will significantly broaden Terminix’s mosquito capabilities.

Since its founding in 2013, Mr. Mister has provided high quality mosquito control services to residential and commercial customers in Georgia. As one of the highest-rated mosquito control services in the state of Georgia, the company has become one of the fastest growing and largest pure-play mosquito control companies in the United States.

Mr. Mister provides options for their customers: 21-day-residual mosquito fogging and their automated misting service. Though mosquito season runs just eight months of the year, Mr. Mister and its 60+ employees work seven days a week with a 24-hour callback rate to ensure the hot, humid months are mosquito-free for their customers. 

Co-founder Matt Brill is a Georgia native. Soon after earning his MBA at Georgia State University, Brill earned a Senior Managing Director position in 2006. Less than a decade later, Brill co-founded Mr. Mister and became its chief sales and marketing officer. It’s evident that Brill’s comprehensive background in sales and service has allowed Mr. Mister to grow with almost 6,000 loyal customers. As Brill states in episode 62 of The Boardroom Buzz, “We feel that we’re a service company that offers mosquito control.” 

Ryan Claterbaugh, co-founder and COO of Mr. Mister joined the pest control industry soon before co-founding Mr. Mister. After graduating from the University of North Texas, Claterbaugh joined one of the first national mosquito franchise companies. Just over a decade later, Claterbaugh used the lessons and experiences he gained to help bring Mr. Mister to life as the chief operating officer. Today, he works directly with the executive management team overseeing operations and quality assurance. 

Both Brill and Claterbaugh’s passion for the safety for the residents of Georgia is evident in their history. In 2019, they co-founded the Georgia Residential Mosquito Control Association (GMCA)—a non-profit organization aimed to encourage positive public interest in areas where mosquito and other public health pest control is operative. 

On working with The Potomac Company in this acquisition, Brill said, “Confidence and the ability to get a deal done is ultimately what it is that makes you choose somebody. That’s why we chose Paul. We were infinitely confident that he would always make it work.”  

Mr. Mister was advised by Paul Giannamore and Franco Villanueva-Meyer of The Potomac Company throughout this transaction. 

The transaction closed in 2021, terms were not disclosed.

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