Paul Giannamore to Present at PCT Mergers & Acquisitions Conference 2015

PCT Potomac Pest Control Mergers & Acquisitions

Potomac Managing Director, Paul Giannamore, will present again at this year’s PCT Magazine Virtual Mergers & Acquisitions Conference on August 19, 2015.

Designing the Deal: An Insider’s Guide

Holdbacks, earnouts, escrows, thresholds and baskets are just a few of the terms that you’ll hear at the bargaining table structuring the purchase or sale of a pest control business. What many business owners learn – only after it’s too late – is that the structure of an M&A transaction is just as important as the price. In this new, hard-hitting session, the Managing Director of the Potomac Pest Control Group and a veteran of the M&A market will reveal sophisticated strategies and tactics employed by seasoned deal professionals to mitigate risk and maximize gain on the purchase or sale of a pest control business. As a seller, are you worried about the dreaded holdback? Giannamore will tell you how you can fight back. As a buyer, do you want to acquire a competitor using the seller’s money to do the deal? You’ll learn innovative deal structuring as a tool to stretch your acquisition capital. In this session, PCT magazine brings you direct access to a global M&A expert that some of the largest companies in the industry engage to value and structure complex M&A transactions. [Read more…]

Rentokil Pest Control Acquisitions – 2014 M&A Review and Looking Ahead in 2015

Over the last few years Rentokil has been aggressive in acquiring pest control businesses around the globe. The focus has been to pursue platform and entry acquisitions in high-growth and emerging market economies as well as to add route density and additional capabilities in Rentokil’s existing operations.

In 2014, Rentokil acquired 30 businesses in the UK, US, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, India, Brunei, Singapore, Sweden, Brazil, Lithuania and Korea and entered new markets in Chile, Bahamas, Mozambique and Colombia “to exploit under-served and increasingly affluent markets. Combined annual revenues of the above prior to acquisition were approximately £66m.”

Rentokil Pest Control Acquisitions 2014 - M&A Review [Read more…]

Action Pest Closes & Four M&A Mistakes

We’re smack dab in the middle of pest control M&A season in the northern hemisphere and transaction multiples continue to creep up.

This morning I chatted with a client who sold his pest control business last year. He said, “Us guys who sold last year are the biggest losers of the bunch. If only I had waited another year…” [Read more…]

Four Pest Control M&A Mistakes

Mergers and acquisitions are challenging transactions for the parties sitting on both sides of the table. If you’re selling your business, even a small mistake can cause you to leave money on the table. If you’re buying, you can end up paying far too much if you “don’t know what you don’t know” about the business. [Read more…]

Scotts Closes $22.7M Acquisition of Action Pest Control

Scotts Acquires Action Pest Enters Pest Control Industry

In early January 2015, the Scotts LawnService closed the acquisition of Action Pest Control.

On October 16, 2014, Potomac’s client, Scotts LawnService entered into a definitive agreement to acquire the assets of Action Pest Control, Inc., a residential and commercial pest control provider in the Midwest for $22.7 million. The initial purchase price accounting for the Action Pest acquisition will be determined during the first quarter of fiscal 2015.

[Read more…]

What’s it Worth – Valuation and Value Creation in the Pest Control Industry Presentation


From the 2012 PCT Virtual M&A Seminar, you can download a copy of Paul Giannamore’s presentation here: What’s it Worth – Valuation and Value Creation in the Pest Control Industry Presentation.

Selling Your Pest Control Business to Terminix – Terminix Pest Management Acquisitions


Interested in selling your pest control company to Terminix?

Not necessarily interested in Terminix in particular, but have been contacted by Terminix and think it might be the right time to sell?

There are a few major mistakes that owners of pest control companies make when take their businesses to market. The biggest, and most costly of these errors is to assume that their company only has one value and each acquirer will likely pay the same price. [Read more…]

The Right Way to Respond to an Unsolicited Offer – MoleMen Case Study


A National Acquirer Approaches MoleMen, Inc.
Like many pest and wildlife control businesses, MoleMen, Inc., (the “Company”) a multi-generation, full-service wildlife control firm was approached by a national pest control company (“BigCo”) interested in expanding its wildlife services into MoleMen’s geography. [Read more…]

Five Mistakes That Will Cost You When You Sell Your Pest Control Business

In its January 2014 edition, PCT Magazine recently distilled the wisdom and core message of Paul Giannamore’s presentation at the 2nd PCT Magazine Virtual M&A Conference. You can download the article here:

5 Mistakes That Will Cost You When You Sell Your Pest Control Business

The article discusses these five major mistakes that cost sellers dearly: [Read more…]

Australia: The New Frontier in Pest Control Acquisitions

Rollins, the parent company of Orkin, has finally taken the plunge. After years of international franchising, Rollins agreed to acquire Perth-based Allpest WA in January 2014.

Allpest generated approximately $25 million in 2013 and it is likely that Orkin will attempt to take a very similar path in Australia that it did in Canada, where it is now the dominant player in the Canadian market. [Read more…]