The Pest Control industry thrives through personalized customer service that meets a client’s needs with effective and affordable solutions. Every Pest Control Operator (PCO) strives to meet those needs by spending more time serving clients and less time in the office. This is where outsourcing with talented and professional PCO bookkeepers becomes a no-brainer.

Bookkeeping · Accounting · Tax Services · Accounts Payable · Audit Preparation/Protection · Financial Planning & Analysis · IFRS Implementation & Support

Smart outsourcing to experienced PCO bookkeepers allows you to invest more time serving customers and generating revenue and less time struggling over the books and worrying about complex tax and business financial concerns.

What is a Bookkeeper to PCO's?

PCO bookkeepers are financial services professionals that cater specifically to the pest management, or pest control, industry. They offer full bookkeeping, accounting, organizational, analysis, tax preparation, and planning services that are specific to the needs of pest control operator (PCO) companies.

By focusing their services solely on the pest control industry, PCO bookkeepers are uniquely suited to handle the specific needs and challenges that are found in small and large pest control companies. PCO bookkeepers serve operators at the local level, handling day-to-day record-keeping and accounting chores, along with other necessary tasks.

Why Use Our Recommended PCO Bookkeepers?

Potomac Pest Control Group works with numerous top-tier, industry-leading professionals, including highly professional PCO bookkeepers. Standing head and shoulders above the rest is WIPFLI and their Audit and Accounting practice. Led by Daniel T. Szidon, CPA, their team provides the most well-versed, experienced, and knowledgeable accountants and PCO bookkeepers for your pest management company.

In addition, WIPFLI standout partner Cory Vargo is a recognized expert on corporate tax and accounting practices, and is a frequent contributor to our blog, The Boardroom Buzz. Cory routinely consults with small and large companies on accounting and tax issues, and his writing has been cited multiple times by the Congressional Research Service Committee on Private Equity Taxation’s annual report. Cory also participates in national tax policy dialogue.

Contact our recommended PCO bookkeepers, WIPFLI Audit and Accounting, directly to inquire about their services and how they can provide PCO bookkeepers and related services to your company. You may also contact us here at Potomac Pest Control Group to inquire about this or our other services.