Potomac Announces Strategic M&A Transaction for Catseye to Fund Future Growth of the Brand

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Catseye USA Team

The Catseye USA team (Catseye Pest Control’s parent / media company). I am in the mix as well. They say a camera adds 10 pounds to you, apparently they had 3 or 4 cameras on me.

Well, the cat’s out of the bag…(sorry, that’s something my father would say while the rest of us would just roll our eyes… I guess I’m getting old) ServiceMaster is now the proud owner of certain assets of the Catseye family — a PCT Top 100 pest control company.

To the outside world, this looks like a simple transaction.

“Big deal,” you’re thinking, “So you sold pest control assets to ServiceMaster’s pest control division. So what? This happens all the time.”

Like many things in life, however, there is the seen and the unseen. This was a very strategic transaction and it is a small part of what Catseye’s parent company will be doing going forward.

I won’t be going into details today as I am going to give ServiceMaster time to issue their own release — especially considering it’s so close to earnings season. However, we’ve already got a case study on this one in the works as I personally learned a lot from it and I know you will too.

Finally, this is a very special client for me.  Founded in 1987 by John and Monica Gagne, Catseye has grown to a $9.7 million firm (ranking #69 on the 2015 PCT Top 100) operating in New York, western Massachusetts and Florida. For Catseye, this transaction is just the first step and will set the stage for future growth. I’ve been blessed to work with some of the fastest growing, most innovative and most profitable pest control companies on the globe and Catseye is certainly no exception. I am excited for the future with Catseye and I am humbled that they have asked me to be a key part of it.

I’ll close with a comment from Catseye shareholder and general counsel Anthony Maney who was an absolute pleasure to work with:

“I am a transactional attorney with 25 years of experience and I have never dealt with anyone as professional and talented as Paul. His attention to the needs of the client, ability to negotiate and complete the transaction is superb. The entire transaction, from initial engagement thru the closing, was incredibly well thought out and supported by Paul and his team. He’s nothing short of excellent.”

Now for some photos:

Terminix Team with Caddie Catseye Pest ControlThe ServiceMaster Team: David Katz, Bill Derwin, Caddie, Julie Little, Jason Bailey and Tim Leslie

Brad Harbison PCT CatseyeDavid Miclette (Catseye USA VP) and PCT Magazine’s Brad Harbison deep in discussion at our black tie Gala

The Orange CarpetCatseye Cocktails being handed out on the Orange Carpet

Paul Giannamore Catseye Gala

Paul Giannamore discussing the transaction and introducing Bill Derwin and Jason Bailey

Catseye Gala

I like to believe I am captivating the audience

Bill Derwin of Terminix Catseye

Bill Derwin, President of Terminix, arriving on the Orange Carpet

Catseye USA Gala

Catseye USA team unveils the future

Caddie Catseye

Catseye Pest Control_NY_4.17.16_W ServiceMaster_print

The morning of the closing … a photo taken from the Catseye USA drone

Brad Harbison from PCT Magazine attending the Gala. You can read his article on the transaction here.


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