Paul Giannamore to Present at PCT Mergers & Acquisitions Conference 2015

PCT Potomac Pest Control Mergers & Acquisitions

Potomac Managing Director, Paul Giannamore, will present again at this year’s PCT Magazine Virtual Mergers & Acquisitions Conference on August 19, 2015.

Designing the Deal: An Insider’s Guide

Holdbacks, earnouts, escrows, thresholds and baskets are just a few of the terms that you’ll hear at the bargaining table structuring the purchase or sale of a pest control business. What many business owners learn – only after it’s too late – is that the structure of an M&A transaction is just as important as the price. In this new, hard-hitting session, the Managing Director of the Potomac Pest Control Group and a veteran of the M&A market will reveal sophisticated strategies and tactics employed by seasoned deal professionals to mitigate risk and maximize gain on the purchase or sale of a pest control business. As a seller, are you worried about the dreaded holdback? Giannamore will tell you how you can fight back. As a buyer, do you want to acquire a competitor using the seller’s money to do the deal? You’ll learn innovative deal structuring as a tool to stretch your acquisition capital. In this session, PCT magazine brings you direct access to a global M&A expert that some of the largest companies in the industry engage to value and structure complex M&A transactions. [Read more…]

Paul Giannamore and Dr. Austin M. Frishman to Present at PMP Summit to Success in Orlando

Paul Giannamore will be presenting at the 2015 Summit to Success in Orlando on June 29th & 30th:

How to Sell Your Pest Control Business for Maximum Value
How do you sell your pest control business for at least 30% more than everyone else. Paul Giannamore, of The Potomac Company, has consistently increased the sale prices of his clients’ businesses around the globe using a process that any business owner can use to achieve similar results.

In this presentation, Paul shares the secrets of selling a pest control company for maximum value and the strategies and tactics that the large acquirers do not want you to know. [Read more…]