Rentokil North America Has Acquired the Oliver Exterminating Group

Rentokil Acquires Oliver ExterminatingOliver Exterminating Group, based in Miami, Florida, and with operations in Florida, Arizona, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic, was acquired by Rentokil North America.  Oliver, with annual revenues over $30 million, was ranked number 24 in the PCT Top 100 in 2015. [Read more…]

Rentokil Acquires Remus Pest Control of Los Angeles

Rentokil has acquired substantially all of the assets of Remus Pest Control of Los Angeles. Remus Pest Control focuses on medical and healthcare facilities located in and around Los Angeles.


Pest Control Transaction Multiples Peak as Rentokil Initial Acquires The Steritech Group for $425 Million

Rentokil Acquires SteritechSteritech Acquired by Rentokil

As many of you have heard me say in a variety of industry speaking engagements over the last two months, valuations in the pest control market have peaked and will likely remain elevated for the next six months or so (we’ll be publishing a report on that next week and you can get it here when it comes out).

Rentokil’s acquisition of Steritech for $425 million (2.8x revenue / 28x EBITA) in cash likely represents the high water mark in terms of valuation and pricing.

John Whitley, founder of Steritech, has come full circle as he used to run Rentokil North America decades ago before founding Steritech. It’s awesome to be able to sell your business to your former employer for $425 million in cash and I salute John for building a phenomenal company — and after running it for decades — to exit at the exact right moment.

If he would have sold this business two years ago, he would have been lucky to get $250 million for it — what a huge difference two years makes. [Read more…]

Rentokil Acquires Anderson Pest Solutions

Anderson Pest Acquired by RentonkilAnderson Pest Solutions (PRNewsFoto/Anderson Pest Solutions)

Rentokil North America, one of North America’s largest pest control companies, today announces it has acquired Anderson Pest Solutions, based in Chicago. The acquisition is in line with Rentokil’s global strategy to continue growing its pest control business and to pursue acquisition targets in higher growth markets such as North America. Anderson ranks in the top 40 of the 100 largest pest companies in North America and has strong market positions in the Chicago metropolitan area, as well as Wisconsin, Indiana and Missouri. [Read more…]

Rentokil Acquires LR Pest Elimination

Rentokil Ehrlich Acquires LR Pest EliminationLR Pest Elimination Acquired by Rentokil

The Potomac Pest Control Group is pleased to announce the sale of its client, LR Pest Elimination, to Rentokil North America.

Founded in 1983 by Ron Hier, LR Pest Elimination is one of the largest pest control service providers in the state of Vermont and enhances Rentokil North America’s footprint in New England. [Read more…]

Rentokil Acquires Sagrip Control de Plagas of Guatemala

Rentokil Acquires Sagrip Control de Plagas fusionesRentokil compra Sagrip control de plagas

Rentokil has acquired Sagrip, a Guatemala based pest control operation. This acquisition puts Rentokil in key cities in Guatemala and El Salvador and is in line with Rentokil’s 2015 acquisition plan of entering emerging and high growth markets.

This transaction comes on the heels of Rentokil’s recent acquisition of Fumighar in Colombia and Bestway Pest Control of Chile and Colombia.


Rentokil Acquires Eradico Services

Rentokil Acquires Eradico Services PCT Top 100 Pest ControlEradico Pest Control Acquired by Rentokil

Rentokil North America has acquired substantially all of the assets of Eradico Servicos, a Michigan-based residential (40%) and commercial (60%) pest control firm generating a little more than $10 million in revenue at the time of the acquisition.

[Read more…]

Rentokil Acquires Fumighar Control de Plagas of Colombia

Rentokil Acquires fumighar colombiaRentokil Initial Acquires Fumighar Control de Plagas de Colombia

Rentokil has acquired Fumighar Pest Control of Colombia, continuing it’s expansion in Latin America.

The acquisition of Fumighar fits within Rentokil’s emerging market strategy of acquiring local management capabilities, bolt-ons for density.

Rentokil Pest Control Acquisitions – 2014 M&A Review and Looking Ahead in 2015

Over the last few years Rentokil has been aggressive in acquiring pest control businesses around the globe. The focus has been to pursue platform and entry acquisitions in high-growth and emerging market economies as well as to add route density and additional capabilities in Rentokil’s existing operations.

In 2014, Rentokil acquired 30 businesses in the UK, US, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, India, Brunei, Singapore, Sweden, Brazil, Lithuania and Korea and entered new markets in Chile, Bahamas, Mozambique and Colombia “to exploit under-served and increasingly affluent markets. Combined annual revenues of the above prior to acquisition were approximately £66m.”

Rentokil Pest Control Acquisitions 2014 - M&A Review [Read more…]

Rentokil Acquires Buffalo Exterminating

Rentokil Acquires Buffalo ExterminatingRentokil Initial Acquires Bestway Pest Control of ChileRentokil North America has acquired Buffalo Exterminating of New York.

In the first quarter of 2015, Rentokil has completed three pest acquisitions in North America, Colombia and Australia. Buffalo Exterminating represents an important strategic bolt on, giving Rentokil a market leading position in New York State and building density in markets in which Rentokil is already active.

Buffalo Exterminating has operated in Western New York since 1954.