Selling Your Pest Control Business to Terminix – Terminix Pest Management Acquisitions


Interested in selling your pest control company to Terminix?

Not necessarily interested in Terminix in particular, but have been contacted by Terminix and think it might be the right time to sell?

There are a few major mistakes that owners of pest control companies make when take their businesses to market. The biggest, and most costly of these errors is to assume that their company only has one value and each acquirer will likely pay the same price. [Read more…]

The Right Way to Respond to an Unsolicited Offer – MoleMen Case Study


A National Acquirer Approaches MoleMen, Inc.
Like many pest and wildlife control businesses, MoleMen, Inc., (the “Company”) a multi-generation, full-service wildlife control firm was approached by a national pest control company (“BigCo”) interested in expanding its wildlife services into MoleMen’s geography. [Read more…]

Potomac Completes the Sale of MoleMen, Inc. to Terminix International

MoleMen Acquired by TerminixTerminix Acquires the MoleMen

The Potomac Pest Control Group is pleased to announce the sale of its client, MoleMen, Inc., a leading wildlife control company, to Terminix International.

Under second generation leadship, MoleMen grew to be the premiere wildlife control firm in the state of Michigan. The Potomac Pest Control group was engaged by MoleMen to negotiate an unsolicited offer from another national pest control provider.

Read the case study on the MoleMen / Terminix merger here.

Terminix Acquires the Assets of Magical Pest Control

Terminix acquired substantially all of the assets of Magical Pest control of Ontario, Canada.2012 Terminix BBG Logo

Founded in 1997, Magical Pest Control is one of the largest pest control companies in Ontario, specializing in commercial accounts and the property management sector, while also treating residential customers.  Led by President Mark Joseph, the Toronto company served customers throughout Ontario and eastern Canada.  Terminix’s Toronto operations will provide commercial and residential pest control services under the Magical Pest Control name.  Under Terminix’s leadership, Joseph will continue to operate the business and work closely with the Terminix Commercial team. [Read more…]