Ep 18 - From $250K to a PCT Top 100 Exit with Brandon & Brian Lunsford

As newly minted grads from the University of Georgia, the world was their oyster. But finding themselves in careers that no longer excited them, they decided to head off into the world…ending up in the US Virgin Islands working at a diner.

After retiring to St. John in their early 20s, they decided it was time to make their mark on the business world by taking over their father’s pest control “business.”

In this episode, we learn how these two brothers took their father’s $250K “business” and grew it to over $7M in revenue and multiple years on the Inc. 5000, PCT Top 100 and Bulldog 100. We also learn what’s it like to run a business with your brother and ultimately sell it to a publicly-traded company.

The story of Inspect-All Services is a tale of inspiration, trial and error, and family business.

What would these brothers have done differently looking back? How did they grow one of the fastest growing companies in America? In listening to their story you’ll quickly realize why Paul says, “If I were shipwrecked on a tropical island, I would definitely want to be surrounded by only women, but if there had to be two guys on the island, I’d want it to be Brian and Brandon.”

The Lunsford brothers step into The Boardroom
The Lunsford brothers step into The Boardroom.
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