Ep 22 - Open Book Management with Jeff Annis and Dena Thomas

Jeff Annis avoided pest control growing up. In fact, it’s the last thing on earth that he would choose to do. Which path led Jeff to building a flagship company in Augusta, Georgia?

If you could summarize Jeff Annis and Dena Thomas’s business, Advanced Services, then it may be unique. Or it could be innovation. Or it could be culture. Maybe it’s accountability. It’s hard to pin down a single takeaway from their sustainable success. Jeff’s TedX talk gives extra insight on his core belief of ‘great, not big’.

Taking a page from Zingerman’s Deli, their open book accounting method sets them apart. Listen how their employee buy-in has taken them to a new level of profitability.

If you can pass their core value test, video job interviews, random pre-employments drug screenings, and ride alongs, then you may find yourself a self-selecting profit sharing participant.

Stick around for the post-Boardroom franchise discussion. The franchise chat quickly spun into Paul and Patrick scratching the surface on partnerships in pest control.

Jeff Annis and Dena Thomas innovate at Advanced Services
Jeff Annis and Dena Thomas innovate at Advanced Services.
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