Ep 106 - Pour on some Rocket Fuel with Author Mark C Winters

You’ve likely heard the term EOS® (Entrepreneurial Operating System). Maybe you read Traction. Heck, maybe you’ve drunk the Kool-Aid. The real question is: Have you read Rocket Fuel? Expert EOS Implementer Mark C Winters teamed up with Traction’s author, Gino Wickman, to produce the groundwork for the top of your accountability chart.

So what, or who, is at the top? Enter the Visionary and Integrator. Mark argues it’s this one-two combo “that will get you more of what you want from your business.” Hear how the two top-level leaders work together to dream-up and execute ideas. From management to strategy to entitlement, this interview covers the gamut of leadership and execution.

You’ve heard Paul mention a few times on The Buzz that the founder is not always the best CEO. What’s Mark’s take on this?

With Patrick and Seth’s new business launching the week of PestWorld, can Patrick extract free advice from Mark in this interview?

So what’s next for you? Join the free Rocket Fuel Community, or check out Rocket Fuel’s Crystallizer Assessment.

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