Ep 115 - Entries and Exits: Financing, Deal Structures & Partnerships

Happy New Year from The Boardroom Buzz! With 2022 in the rearview mirror, what’s the outlook for 2023? With a potential credit event on the horizon, Paul shares his expectations for the economy and the service industry. Is it too early to decide if the already has begun demand destruction on the residential-side of the industry?

With the end in mind, one Buzz listener asks about vehicles. Should he finance or lease, or does it matter? In this zero cash, zero debt valuation world we live in, which way does Paul lean on this issue? And how do the value of the vehicles come into play?

Partnerships in pest control are more popular than Taylor Swift’s new album. Merle asks about valuing his business to add a partner. There’s a lot more at stake than the headline value as you’ll hear from someone who deals with this relationships on an intimate level. It turns out that there are a lot less expensive alternatives to equity agreements.

Considering adding a partner, or have a similar need for your business? According to Fat Pat, Phil Rinehart is the man.

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