Ep 117 - Next Level HR with Former Terminix CHRO David Dart

The Boardroom dives into human resources, but it’s not all warm and fuzzies as former Terminix CHRO David Dart steps into The Boardroom. From his time in the US Navy to present day at Caliber Collision and everything in-between, David shares his experience on building high performance teams.

You’ll rethink your strategy and your pay plans as you listen through this episode that takes human resources to an executive level. From onboarding to training, there is no shortage of takeaways from this interview.

Grab a pen and paper and do your best to keep up on David’s emphasis on operational models, organizational design, compensation, capabilities, culture, execution… the list goes on. Before listening in on this conversation, ask yourself - what’s more important: employee turnover or employee retention?

Audio Mixing and Editing by www.verbell.ltd

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