Ep 135 - The Salesperson Spectrum: Technicians to Hunters

While together at TPCA’s Pest Expo, Patrick and Seth dive into technicians as salespeople. In the service industry, it’s assumed and expected for techs to sell, right? The two chat through sales, from (pure) selling to upselling, and even having salespeople perform initial services. And what about selling service over the phone? Maybe it’s a question of efficiency, or it may just come down to necessity. Just like not saying sorry, are these universal guidelines?

Put technicians aside for a minute. What about hiring salespeople who are hunters versus lead chasers? Is prior experience as a sales hunter necessary or can it be trained? From job description to interview questions, can managers effectively assess a candidate's potential as a hunter, or is this a model some are better off to avoid?

A Sebring Convertible. Really Rob?

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