Ep 139 - Buy Versus Build and Preparing for a Recession

Recession is baked into your cake, Fat Pat. Learn from others’ mistakes. You’ll hear what tax wedge distortions caused owners to do back in ’08-’09. Looking across the service industry, which dynamics and sensitivities will help businesses weather a recession?

Step into The Boardroom as Uncle Paul and Fat Pat take on more listener questions, such as where do one-time services fit into the mix, if at all? In regards to valuing a business, following EBITDA, what else is important? What’s not on the P&L that influences top-line revenue quality?

What does it cost to buy a customer list versus growing without acquisitions? The focus has shifted from just buying accounts to considering the cash flow stream in recent years, but what perspective should you take as you’re looking to buy 1-3 route businesses?

Have issues with you recurring revenue? There’s a 12-step program for that.

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