Ep 148 - Jason Cupp: The Kolbe Index, Jerry Springer, and a Mexican Intervention

You heard Jonathan Pototschnik give Jason Cupp props as a peer and consultant during his time leading ServiceAutopilot. Step on into The Boardroom this week to hear how Jason Cupp grew roots in landscape to later emerge as a Kolbe Certified Growth Consultant.

There are an endless number of tools to measure intelligence and personality, but this one of a kind index reveals a person's natural instincts and behaviors when it comes to performing tasks. From creating effective teams to making informed hiring decisions to resolving conflict, do you see how Kolbe can help you make sure you have the right team with the right people doing the right tasks?

This Boardroom sides a sidestep as a surprise guest comes from backstage in this Jerry Springer knock down, drag-out. Don’t miss out on business lessons with Slim G.

You’ll hear it’s not a test, but still somehow Fat Pat passes with flying colors as … awkward.

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