Ep 150 - Reactions from Rentokil and Rollins Reporting

At PestWorld, both Uncle Paul and Fat Pat had firsthand experiences that reinforced the notion of a younger and more sophisticated pest control industry. With Rentokil facing expectations of slower growth during the integration process, it's clear that the industry is in a transitional phase. Rollins and Rentokil both shared their quarterly earnings, but the crucial question is how investors reacted to their financial reports. This reaction could have significant implications for not only the North American market but also the global market.

The industry initially surged with high customer demand during the pandemic, driven by essential services and lockdowns. However, the looming question is what lies ahead for the demand in pest control services. Even if companies manage to maintain top-line growth, they must address the pressing challenges of rising labor, fuel, and material costs. How will businesses adapt to these financial challenges while continuing to meet the demands of an evolving market?

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