Ep 151 - Rob Greer: From Rove Pest COO to Chris Voss co-author

Rob Greer, COO of Rove Pest Control, steps into The Boardroom to chat about co-writing “Empathy and Understanding in Business” with Never Split the Difference author, Chris Voss. Before diving into the importance of empathy and if it’s something to be developed, let’s get on the same page by defining it.

Whether you use the term “empathy” or not, how does it shape your hiring decisions and culture?

Speaking of culture, Rob turns the tables and puts empathy on the back burner to chase down a culture conversation. Empathy, continuous learning, and culture intersect in the back half of this sit-down. Culture influences your decision-making, interactions, and overall growth, but how?

The stakes are different and so are the tactics as you think through negotiating hostages and M&A negotiations. And just when you thought your life was chaotic, at least you’re getting brought into negotiations for destabilization purposes.

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