Ep 152 - Subordinated Debt: Risk and Reward

Companies can leverage subordinated debt to access capital without relinquishing ownership. Who has done this in the industry and for what purposes? Fat Pat and Uncle Paul chat through the impact of subordinated debt on financial stability along with its role within the broader capital structure. Are you staring down an opportunity where sub debt makes sense?

How do you value a business? Consider the complexity in rising valuations and the unique liquidation potential within the pest control industry. Think about other industries that could benefit from this approach and what the decision-making considerations are for these business owners.

Valuing a business for an internal partner buyout differs significantly from valuing it for sale to an external party. What is considered valuable particularly in internal partner buyouts versus sales to external parties? This discrepancy presents a challenge, especially with valuation dynamics. Stay tuned for more details on an upcoming event, and go ahead and pre-register by emailing thebuzz@potomaccompany.com.

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