Ep 153 - Marcus Sheridan on Becoming the Voice of Trust

Marcus Sheridan, keynote speaker on sales, marketing, and building trust, and author of They Ask You Answer, joins Paul and Patrick in the boardroom in an episode on becoming an industry expert through a customer-centric approach. He emphasizes the need to stand out, be more human, and engage better with customers and addresses concerns about costs. Can businesses truly become the voice of trust by discussing what others in their space might shy away from?

Sheridan advocates for the strategic use of digital platforms, suggesting the creation of a 'Learning Center' on websites. This not only positions a company as an industry expert but also aids customers in making informed decisions. Can businesses attract more trust and traffic by openly discussing topics that their competitors avoid?

What is the significance of personalization and human interaction in a digital-first business environment? Marcus Sheridan shares his approach of asking unique questions in sales meetings to build connections and highlights the potential of content marketing and inbound sales for entrepreneurial organizations. Can addressing customer questions, leveraging digital platforms, and being more human can generate increased traffic, leads, and sales? Can businesses truly thrive by adopting a strategic approach to content marketing, inbound sales, and customer engagement?

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