Ep 154 - Short-Term Risks and Long-Term Gains

You asked, we answered. More listener questions are on tap for this week’s Buzz. Starting with rate cuts. A rate cut is rumored. How would it impact M&A?  Uncle Paul breaks down the signal along with the relationship between rate cuts, debt, and the overall economic environment.

Reliability’s best friend, recurring revenue, plays a critical role in a business’s market value. But some things are not worth their risk, especially when considering the timing. What should an owner NOT do when an exit is on the horizon? When is it wise to engage in door-to-door sales, and how should owners balance short-term risks with potential long-term benefits?

Before the two head out for travel for the week, Fat Pat sneaks in his own valuation question. Stay tuned to see if Fat Pat survives a day with The Mex in America’s armpit.

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