Ep 161 - The Rule of Ten

Looking to crack the code of success in the wildlife and pest control sectors? Fat Pat and Seth drop some wisdom on why simplicity is the name of the game for top-performing companies. By starting with a single service and gradually adding on more, these businesses maximize profitability and route density. Do you think your company could benefit from simplifying its offerings, or are you tempted to throw everything at the wall and see what sticks?

Let's talk recurring revenue. Seth spills the beans on how some savvy companies are ditching annual warranties in favor of monthly subscriptions. Even wildlife companies can implement subscription-based models. Staying laser-focused on building a business, rather than getting distracted by naysayers, is crucial to long-term success—it's all about keeping that cash flow steady and predictable. But here's the million-dollar question: Is your business ready to make the switch to a subscription-based model? What's keeping you from changing your billing structure?

When it comes to expanding your operations, Fat Pat and Seth shed light on their "rule of ten": Don't split your company into different departments until you've got a solid team of ten technicians. Efficiency is key when the business is guided by a clear understanding of where the company is heading but it begs the question: How close is your company to hitting that magic number, and what can you do if you're just under Seth and Patrick's rule of ten?

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