Ep 162 - Nurturing a High-Performance Culture

Chase Hazelwood, owner of Go-Forth Pest Control, takes us through their remarkable journey from $2 million to an astonishing $25 million empire in just ten years. Curious about his winning formula? It's all about cultivating a high-performance culture. Chase tells us about his relentless focus on customer service and sales that skyrocketed productivity. How can you apply his strategies to supercharge your business?

Chase didn't stop at the surface level. He stresses the crucial role of training, transparency, and accountability in shaping a workforce poised for success. Creating an environment where slacking off is a major faux pas and where every team member is driven to excel is key. Do you have what it takes to put your people on a batting order and share those stats for everyone to see?

At Go-Forth, the team is on a mission to automate almost everything. Chase shares how they utilize AI and remove decision-making to improve efficiency. What can you not drill down to a checklist?

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