Ep 163 - The Wild Life of Mike Hurley

Are you ready for another guest episode? Mike Hurley, the genius behind a thriving wildlife business, Xceptional Wildlife, joins the Boardroom to uncover the secrets to his success. Mike hits home the importance of ironclad processes in business growth. Drawing from his experience with Six Sigma, he emphasizes the power of identifying and perfecting process failures. How do you think implementing a structured approach to processes could benefit your own business?

Mike stresses the significance of choosing the right partner in business. A supportive partner can make all the difference, while the wrong one can spell disaster. To Mike, a great business partner can influence good in both your business and personal life. Have you ever had a business partner, and if so, how did they impact your professional journey?

Mike goes on to encourage us to embrace failure as a catalyst for growth. He believes discussing failures and learning from them is crucial for continuous improvement. How do you handle failure in your own business, and what strategies do you use to turn setbacks into opportunities for growth?

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