Ep 165 - Partnership Agreements & Trusts

Paul is getting on the road to double-keynote this year's AZPPO Great Western Conference. But first, Paul takes on a FRAXN client's question, beginning with the vital need to keep partnership agreements and valuations current. Surely, you’ve considered the potential chaos if your business partner suddenly left the picture. Updating your operating agreement can smooth out what would make for a rough ride. When was the last time you revisited your partnership paperwork?

When it comes to valuing your business, growth rates and margins play a pivotal role. But are you factoring them into your valuation strategy? Paul and Patrick cover the importance of a nuanced approach instead of relying solely on a one-size-fits-all method. Even though you may not be thinking about selling in the near future, what variables come to mind as you think about the value of your business?

And what's the scoop on offshore trusts? Despite their reputation, they can be a valid strategy for protecting your assets from legal and financial risks. What are some common misunderstandings of offshore trusts?

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