Ep 166 - Breaking the Bias: In Honor of Daniel Kahneman

Paul and Patrick dive into the intricate world of cognitive biases, drawing insights from Daniel Kahneman's book, Thinking, Fast and Slow. The duo dissected the concept of representativeness bias, which can lead us to make flawed assumptions based on surface-level similarities. Think about it: How often do we catch ourselves falling into this trap in our day-to-day decision-making? Can we truly overcome this bias, or is it wired into our brains?

Next, exploring the subtle power of priming – how seemingly insignificant cues can sway our judgments without us even realizing it. It makes you wonder: How much of our decision-making is truly our own, and how much is influenced by these hidden triggers? What steps can we take to become more aware of these influences in our professional and personal lives?

Let's talk about hiring processes and the importance of systematic thinking over relying solely on intuition. According to the peak-end rule, we tend to remember the most intense moment and the end of an experience more than the rest of it. It begs the question: Are we doing enough to ensure that our hiring processes are fair and based on merit rather than unconscious biases? Could implementing systematic approaches lead to more diverse and effective teams?

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